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About me

I am passionate about fiction and storytelling and have been all my life. Bookgiddy isn't just my Instagram username, it's my way of being in the world. 


I hold a Creative Arts diploma from John Abbott College and a BA in journalism from Concordia University. I have participated in numerous writing workshops over the years, including a summer intensive workshop at Humber College. I’ve studied more than 100 books on craft and creative mindset. Currently, I'm enhancing my skills in the rigorous Book Coaching Certification Program at Author Accelerator and studying creativity coaching with Dr. Eric Maisel. 

After a five-year stint as managing editor of a community newspaper,  I spent many years helping small business owners tell their stories through newsletters and blogs.


Reading a writer's draft is thrilling work, which is why I love book coaching. Working with someone as they uncover their best writing and storytelling skills is a privilege I never take lightly. 


My fiction and personal essays have appeared in The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen, MORE magazine online, four Chicken Soup for the Soul collections and the fiction anthology: The Company We Keep (Buschek books). For two years I published the e-zine


I am currently revising my upmarket women’s fiction novel:  Behind, From Where We Came.


I have been married to the wonderful and wildly supportive Charls (not a typo), for 37 years. During those years we raised two amazing children. We are expecting our first grandchild in December. 

Lovely letters I received from WednesdayWoman readers:

Laura L. “Just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your column! You are such a good writer and a “human” writer. You speak for every mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend – and have a great (and funny) perspective on things!” 
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