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I’m a book coach, because who wouldn’t want the best job in the world? 

Stories are fundamental to being human. Everyone tells stories. Our daily conversations are filled with stories. The explosion of indie-published authors over the last 10-15 years shows just how many people want to share their stories. 

But pulling a story together that connects with readers is challenging (and exciting), because it’s hard to know if what you’re feeling as you write is coming across to the reader.


That's where a book coach can make a difference.

A book coach is more than an editor.

Most hired editors will give you feedback, hopefully great feedback, and then leave you to do with it what you will. And that’s good, to a point, because you don’t want an editor that tells you how to write your book (there will be moments in the process when you think that’s exactly what you want, but you don’t).


What you do want is someone who will give you that great feedback, and then help you digest it and figure your way through to your next draft.


A book coach will be there to help you explore your ideas, to help you set goals, and to ask you the questions that help you dig deeper into your craft. 


A book coach is an editor, a guide, an ally and a cheerleader. Writing a novel is like a long walk in a deep forest—you can certainly do it alone, or you can bring along a knowledgeable companion who knows their way around the trees, knows where the bears are hiding and will point out all the beauty along the way.  


I work with women who are writing women's fiction, domestic thrillers, mysteries, contemporary fiction, modern historical (the 50s and forward) and 3rd Act fiction. While I work with women of all ages, I have a special affinity with women who are returning to their creative self after putting it on hold for a number of years.

Want to know more? Contact me for a free consultation.

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