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Are you ready to write your novel?

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Would you like someone in your corner

who understands what makes a story strong?

How would it feel to have honest but supportive feedback,

to help you develop your ideas and build on your strengths?

As your book coach, I provide accountability and support with story planning, drafting, revisions, and craft. The goal is to build your writing confidence, develop a practice that works for you, and support your growth as a writer. 

I offer personalized one-on-one support to women in the beginning and middle stages of their creative writing journey. I coach writers of contemporary fiction, women's fiction, domestic thrillers, mysteries, modern historical (the 1950s and forward) and 3rdAct fiction (protagonists 55+ years-old). 

Are you ready to work with someone who truly

wants you to find your voice and succeed? 

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